Photo: Eirill DeLonge

The band

Deku Trio started out over a decade ago, as an informal playground where musical ideas were haphazardly thrown at each other. As the band members musical interests were wildly different, these playdates were sporadic until the band in 2015 found a way to blend their respective genres of bluegrass, progressive rock, jazz, metal and EDM.

Their 2016 debut EP release marked the start of a new era for Deku Trio - with original, intricate instrumental compositions and extended improvisations on all instruments.

Photo: Audun Selnes

Mikael Jonassen

Mikael plays acoustic bluegrass music for a living. When the sun goes down his experimental side comes out in Deku Trio. Combining his banjo technique with extended harmony and musical language, helps him pull the banjo away from its traditional roots and into the unknown.

Photo: Audun Selnes

Mikal Reinvik

Utilizing a plethora of effect pedals, Mikal fills the entire range of frequencies, sounding like a combination of savage synth noises and heavy metal guitars. Is it a Moog? Is it a Mellotron? Is it a B-52 bomber? No, it's the BASS.

Photo: Audun Selnes

Aksel Bakke

Aksel lives in denial of the fact that in the modern day, drummers have been replaced by drum machines and laptops. To have a fighting chance in the war against the machines, he has shamelessly embraced the musical devices of the enemy - like breakbeats with filter sweeps.